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Labradoodle breeder in UK. We have Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale, and are taking reservations for the next 12 months.
Buttercup Owl Dylan scruffy black labradoodle www.labradoodles.co.uk Markey dylan scruffy black labradoodle www.labradoodles.co.uk Panther Peter curly Rutlands lil twix www.labradradoodles.co.uk March Twister Peter Florence Hatch Amethyst thistle Felix Blossom Blossom Toff Poppy cream medium scruffy labradoodle www.labradoodles.co.uk Twister Lynx Isolde Jet

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Thanks to Logan for inviting Team doodleDogs to speak at his school - 3 of our pups in training Cadbury Pipsqueak and Domino loved all the attention Beach Trip - Cadbury, Guinness and Pipsqueak had fun at the beach - watch their video - Guinness has been practising his emergency stop under distractions at the beach.