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Labradoodle breeder in UK. We have Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale, and are taking reservations for the next 12 months.
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Featured Item

"Nutella" is a medium female ASD puppy who was one of two we have grown on to train. She has very unusual parchmment /lavender colouring which will pale out from her face to cover her whole body. If you look at her face this is the colouring all over she will be - it will appear to spread outwards now from her face to transform her coat to this rare and stunning colouring. It may look slightly quirky now but once fully transformed she will be even more gorgeous! - see the example of the colouring on the gallery called Pebbles (Click for larger photos of Pebbles who also has lavender undertones). Though more curly than pebbles her final colouring should be similar so she is ideal for a family wanting a light or latte/very milky coffee colouring - so a light brown almost parchment colouring. Sweet friendly nature and fully vaccinated so can go straight into garden rather than waiting the 4 -6 weeks inside. Just turning 4 months old now.