Breeders of Australian Cobberdogs in UK. Focused on Health and Temperament

We are registered with the MBDA and all our dogs are Cobberdogs as a Breed in Development in their country of origin - Australia.

"Cobberdog" means "Dog-Friend" in Australian Informal Language.

Australian Cobberdog is the name to designate a pure breed Australian Labradoodle. The breed's mission is a Therapy or Service Dog. The Cobberdog is a pure breed and only approved breeders who are members of the MDBA can issue Australian Cobberdog pedigrees.

Australian Cobberdog Breeder in UK
MDBA Approved Breeder of Australian Cobberdogs.

We have 3 core principles of :

  1. Selection - the right bloodlines, combinations of parents, vetting homes and matching puppy to family
  2. Science - utilising the latest DNA tests for hereditary disease screening and proven clicker training techniques
  3. Service - professionalism in our adoption processes and resource centre