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Minis are -18" (Spaniel Sized) whilst Mediums are 18-21+" (Springer to Labrador+ Sized).


We bred all colours and also merle/mixed


Fleece or Wool Coats are Low/No Shedding

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  • "Lumi´s character has proven to be totally ideal for our family, calm and peaceful , yet playful when it´s time to play! " - Lumi's mum
  • "Muppet and Pilfer with their "working" haircuts...this was a "where's my breakfast?" moment. Both girls are well and people are always shocked that Muppet is rising 10 she still runs around like a 5 year old and is still very quick...where did the time go!"
    - Muppet's mum
  • "Bertie is still an absolutely lovely dog. Playful yet gentle, very affectionate, very easy to train." - Bertie's mum
  • "At 10 and 5 you would think Bailey and Trenton would calm down but no. Lol. Bailey still is very much in charge lol" - Bailey's dad
  • "She is the loveliest, nice tempered dog and we so much enjoy having her – it far exceeds what we had hoped." - Maisie’s mum
  • "She was amazing on the journey home and is happily ensconced in the household." - Ella's mum and dad
  • "Just thought you would like to know that Barkley is doing well. We move back to California from Angola two years ago and he seems to enjoy the improved climate here." - Barkley's dad
  • "It was very nice meeting you
    You are doing a fantastic job
    Little Uni is perfectly fine and very sleepy. We are already so in love with her."
    - Uni's mum and dad
  • "He is doing so fine!" - Domino's Dad
  • "Just to let you know, Bubba is settling in well and is an amazing dog to have around, I feel so privileged that you let me adopt him! He's an absolute joy and makes my day every day! Thought you might like to see some snaps of him enjoying his new home! His favourite place to hang out is on my ugg boots, even though he has a bed and the crate! Thanks once again!" - Bubba's Mum
  • "Hello Lisa, Just to say Dexter is beautiful, his coat is just gorgeous, he is so affectionate.. Thank you for letting us have such a gorgeous dog, he is definitely worth every penny ! xx" - Dexter's Mum
  • "Betty is wonderful - we are having the best time with our puppy and it is safe to say the whole family is obsessed! She is fantastic in every way - playful, smart and an all round joy! I thought I’d let you know that our local vet was astounded at how thorough Doodledogs are and we continue to meet many members of the extended Doodledog family around the local area! I’ve attached an updated photo of her for you! " - Betty's mum (Our Name "Diamond"
  • "It was ideal for us to have an older puppy, with you having laid down the excellent foundation to a well adjusted puppy and there was no problems with bonding, I think you got the hard job!" - Mina's Mum