Bermuda Adoptions

Want to export a Cobberdog to Bermuda?

Exporting your Australian Cobberdog to Bermuda is relatively straight forward. We organise all export and import documents required for travel, as well as arranging travel from our house to Bermuda Airport. All you need to do is collect your puppy from the airport and settle any custom tax or National charges.

We understand choosing a puppy from another country can be a real worry so we hope we can make the process as easy and reassuring as possible. We have exported many dogs to Bermuda in the past and have families already on our waiting list ready for their puppy to arrive.

We can make the process as simple as possible, so the only hard bit for you is the waiting!

Cobberdog Bermuda

Rules and Regulations



• Puppy must be a minimum of 10 weeks old

• Puppy must have a pre-flight health check

• An Export Health Certificate must be completed by an Official Veterinarian within 5 days of travel (also referred to as a DEFRA document)

• A Treatment for ticks must be administered prior to travel

• An import permit is required

• We recommend using an agent to assist with clearing customs at Bermuda airport.

Approximate shipping costs


The approximate shipping costs to Bermuda are £2000. This includes: EHC, Import permit, Pre-travel check including parasite treatment, travel crate, courier to London airport and Flight.

**It does NOT include any customs or National charges at Bermuda airport**