Upcoming Litters!

Upcoming Litters!

Available for Reservation


We are currently taking reservations for the following upcoming litters!

To join the reservation list, please fill out the puppy preferences form and schedule a call with our team.

Penelope x Simba


Guess what? The most adorable puppies from Penelope and Simba are here! These little sweethearts will grow to be a perfect size, around 18-20" to the shoulder and weighing 14-20kg. Get ready to fall head over heels in love with these cuties!

Colours: Apricot/Red, Cream, Chocolate

Genders: 1F, 6M

DOB: 16/10/23

8 Weeks: 11/12/23

DeeDee x Simba


Get ready for the New Year with some pawsome additions! Meet DeeDee and Simba's pups, the adorable medium cobberdogs who'll be ringing in 2024 with us. They'll grow to a charming 18-22" to the shoulder and weigh between 15-21kg. Expect a delightful mix of chocolate, chocolate merle, and apricot colours!

Due Date: 10/01/24

Estimated 8 Week Date: 06/03/24

Starling x Dawson


Exciting news! The adorable puppies of Starling and Dawson have arrived! These little cuties will grow to be large mini/small medium in size, reaching around 16-18" to the shoulder and weighing 12-16kg. Get ready for some serious puppy love!

Colours: Apricot, Cream, Chocolate, Black

Genders: 3F, 5M

DOB: 05/11/23

8 Weeks: 31/12/23